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Staff at English Mobile Mechanics work very hard to provide the best service possible for you, our clients. We protect all cars with seat/steering wheel covers before work begins, and your is car parked safely until you collect it. Here are some of the services we provide with SATISFACTION GUARANTEED every time>

*servicing and general repairs to all makes and models of car

*Only 45 euros per hour labour

*Specialist mechanic with 45 years experience

*Engine Carbon Cleaning

*Automatic transmission servicing and repairs

*air conditioning test, repairs and re-gas

*Latest diagnostic computor equipment for all cars including original Porsche, BMW and Mercedes programmes

*Main dealer diagnostics tool for JAGUAR, FORD, MAZDA and RANGEROVER inc EVOQUE.

*auto-electrics wiring specialists

*Accident damage repair, body work and restore work completed to a very high spec

*Welding, battery, exhausts and tyres

*After market modifications (ie upgraded mirrors, seats, lights etc)

*ITV pre-check, repairs and we take the car to the test station

*used-car check over service, if you are buying a new car - let us try it, before you buy it!

*UK GB and Euro numberplates supplied and fitted whilst you wait including American size 12x6 and 11x8, this process takes as little as 15 minutes. Showplates also supplied.

 ................................plus much more.

Your engine's timing belt is the most important maintenance item in your car. What happens when this component snaps?

What Is A Timing Belt? A timing belt is the ribbed belt that is placed in a specific configuration along one side of your engine to keep the crank and camshafts timed properly. Essentially, it keeps the top half of the engine (cylinder head, valves) in sync with the bottom half (crankcase, pistons). If it is left for too long, allowing it to perish, the belt could snap leaving major engine damage, sometimes irreapairable.

Does My Car Have A Timing Belt? If you have an older car, odds are you have a timing belt. Some new car manufacturers have switched to metal timing chains that in theory last for the life of the engine. Better to be safe than sorry - have it checked.

When Should I Change My Timing Belt? Manufacturers have various schedules for timing belt replacement, but the rule of thumb is 60,000 miles, or 5 years, whichever comes first.

Advice is always free. Give us a call on 609503476 to enquire about your timing belt today.








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